The International Walter Pater Society is pleased to announce that Studies in Walter Pater and Aestheticism no. 3 should be ready for distribution in November 2018. The issue, which focuses on Italy and the fin-de-siècle imagination, contains seven new essays.

Laurel Brake addresses ‘Walter Pater’s Road to the Renaissance’. Silvia Antosa reveals Frances Elliot’s ‘idle wanderings’ through Sicily and Italy. Charlotte Ribeyrol traces a ‘chromatic itinerary’ through John Singer Sargent’s and Vernon Lee’s early works. Margaret D. Stetz explores Richard Le Gallienne and the ‘two Dantes’. Rebecca N. Mitchell discusses Herbert Horne’s ‘scholarly air’. Kristin Mahoney examines the ‘queer cosmopolitanism’ of Capri. And Stefano Evangelista analyzes the intellectual relationship between Vernon Lee and Mario Praz.

There are reports on the progress of the OET edition of Pater’s Collected Works and on the recent IWPS conference on ‘Curiosity and Desire in fin-de-siècle Art and Literature’.

J.B. Bullen, Michael Craske, Fraser Riddell, and John Stokes have contributed reviews.

Forthcoming in 2019

Studies in Walter Pater and Aestheticism no. 4, which is scheduled to appear in April 2019, will feature a special cluster of essays on weird fiction, which Dustin Friedman and Neil Hultgren are editing.


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